Monday, October 26, 2009

October 25, 2009 ~ "The Seed, the Soils and the Sower"

Pastor Neal Brown

Introduction: The King exercises authority over a kingdom.

Proposition: In Matthew 13:18-23 we will examine responses to the message of God's Kingdom.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 18, 2009 ~ "Praising Him in the Storms?"

Pastor Neal Brown

Introduction: Storms come in many varieties.

Proposition: In Matt 14:22-33 we discover some facts concerning the storms of life as they relate to God.

This is the song used for the offertory this Sunday. I figured I'd post the demo in case anyone would like it. The vocals in the verses are a bit quiet, so, I'll include the lyrics below too. If anyone wants a better mixed version email me and I'll send it to you. :)

Lord, I'm still free to speak your
name, and I'm well fed
I may not know the future
Yet I know it's in your hands

But the storm bearing down on me
Is still very real
I don't have the answers
But from you someday I will...

I cry out in your name - You are HOLY!
In my life may you reign - You are HOLY!
You deserve all my praise - You are HOLY!
Father hear Your people
Some with broken hearts
Hear our new repentance
For our latest scars

We can make a mess of things
Trusting in ourselves
Help us to glorify You
Before You calm the swells

We cry out in your name - You are HOLY!
In our lives may you reign - You are HOLY!
You deserve all our praise - You are HOLY!

Whether we step out and dance across the waves
Or we're under water - fill our lungs with praise
You're the only way that we draw breath today
Have your way in us - through our joy and pain

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 11, 2009 ~ "When Little is Much"

Pastor Neal Brown

Introduction: Thy kept following Jesus because they continually saw the signs that He habitually did. (vs 1-4)

Proposition: In John 6:1-14 we discover the proper approach to solving life's problems.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 4, 2009 ~ "Death Means Life"

Pastor Neal Brown

Introduction: He endured all of this for me...

Proposition: In 1 Peter 2:24-25 we discover some benefits we experience through Christ's death.